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Polyacumen is the ambitious endeavor by Tony Romano

Est. 2018

Tony Romano has been a Creative Director since 2005. He has more than twenty years of experience delivering industry-recognized creative solutions for global companies. He has also produced a number of sales training programs, videos, and ebooks, incorporating strong instructional design. His proven capabilities include extensive work in brand marketing strategy, global new business development, UX/UI design, and product recognition, with a special focus on illustration and video. As part of his role as a Creative Director, Mr. Romano has also created innovative branding and marketing collateral for global brands.

Mr. Romano has lead production teams and developed standard operating procedures. His leadership role in the design and development process include collaboration with brand managers and account directors in creating digital and print programs for mobile apps, Web sites, animation, video, meeting collateral, advertising, and infographics. In addition, Mr. Romano has guided creative meetings and project kickoffs that have led to successful launches and branding.
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Reel (2020)


many; much

From Greek polloi ‘MANY’


intelligence; insight

the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions—especially in design


– Fresh Ideas –

The five ingredients to success:

Ingredient 1


Talent is the foundation of success. Talent is raw and needs to be cultivated. Only through hard work and determination can you fully realize your potential. Recognize your talent. Cultivate it!

Ingredient 2


Passion is the fuel that propels you to create. If you’re connected,  passion comes from deep within—The place from which pain, sadness, love and humility rise. Learn to channel this and it will be your fuel!

Ingredient 3


Surround yourself with things that inspire you—music, food, movies, literature, environment. Whatever inspires you, keep it close and treat it well. IIf you are not inspired, you are not creating!

Ingredient 4


Opportunity—This is a unique ingredient to success in that you may feel that “opportunity” is out of your control. But if you have talent and cultivate it, and your passionate, and you are inspired, and your work reflects it, then you WILL get an opportunity. The key is to be ready for it!

Ingredient 5


The single most important ingredient to success is to never give up. Keep doing, creating, growing. It’s not easy, but worth it.